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SLR Building Acoustics

Field Testing

Field Testing

SLR has capabilities to measure and analyse key acoustic parameters including reverberation time and sound intensity

High-Spec Acoustic Design

High-Spec Acoustic Design

SLR has extensive experience in the design of critical spaces such as school, courts and performance spaces

BCA Compliance

BCA Compliance

Testing of airborne sound transmission ratings for walls and floor/ceiling systems

Apartments & Units

Apartments & Units

SLR can advise on all acoustic aspects on multi-occupancy dwellings including BCA compliance, glazing design, mechanical plant, hydraulic and lift noise

Noise Mapping Capabilities

Noise Mapping Capabilities

3D visualisation of noise propagation leads to better understanding of potential issues

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Building & Architectural Acoustics

SLR Consulting Building Acoustics Group has experienced individuals with professional expertise dedicated to providing specialist consulting services to clients including government bodies, architects, planners, developers and building contractors. From major building developments to small-scale residential projects, we pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of personalised service.

The Building Acoustics Group provides expert guidance from the planning and design phase through to detailed design development, construction and compliance testing and ongoing operational stages over a wide range of projects including but not limited to:

  • Residential and Mixed Use Development
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Major Shopping Centres
  • Performing Arts Centres
  • Places of Worship
  • Theatres
  • Sporting Complexes
  • Airports

The Building Acoustics Group offers the following range of services:

Architectural and Building Acoustics

  • Detailed acoustical design of internal rooms and spaces
  • Specialist computer modelling to optimise acoustical performance of specialist spaces for speech and musical presentation
  • Design advice to ensure building envelopes and internal partitions / walls achieve the required level of sound insulation
  • Advice on noise mitigation, including specification of remedial treatments
  • Preparation of performance specifications during the initial building design phase
  • Testing of airborne and impact sound insulation provided by walls and floors
  • Specifications of speech reinforcement, public address and masking sound systems

Noise Modelling and Mapping

  • Use of computer based noise modelling software to identify the impacts of multiple noise sources on, or from, proposed or existing buildings, allowing cost-effective design solutions to be developed
  • Quick and efficient calculation of noise propagation when considering the position of buildings and barriers etc.
  • Production of predictive noise maps to assist in the control of noise from construction and demolition sites

Development Applications and Noise Impact Assessments

  • Measurements and assessment of ambient noise conditions and the prediction of noise impact from proposed developments
  • Provision of detailed reports for inclusion with Development Applications and Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Expert witness representation

Vibration Assessments

  • Development of vibration isolation solutions for new buildings and structures
  • Measurements of vibration impacts on buildings and occupants
  • Measurements and mitigation advice for vibration generating construction and demolition techniques
  • Design of Tuned Mass Damper systems and / or specification

Building (Mechanical) Services Acoustics

  • Determine the internal and external design criteria for noise emissions from building services
  • Detailed design of appropriate and cost-effective noise attenuation measures
  • Commissioning measurements using state-of-the art instrumentation and techniques